Why should you steam incense incense?

Agarwood incense has gradually become an indispensable habit in the spiritual life of Vietnamese people. According to the concept, frankincense can disinfect, protect health ... So what are the benefits of frankincense? Here, Tram Huong Phan Gia would like to share some small knowledge through the following article..

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- The effect of frankincense on spiritual feng shui

The reason why burning incense becomes a cultural beauty in Tet holiday as well as in daily life is because it contains its own meanings about spirituality and feng shui for the owner. Agarwood is considered as a precious item converging the quintessence of heaven and earth, with strong yang qi. Therefore, burning incense in the house on every occasion of worship and Tet holiday has the effect of dispelling evil spirits and attracting prosperity.

Just like the daily burning of incense, incense by direct burning of agarwood (agarwood pieces) is almost always present at large ceremonies and worships, making the atmosphere more solemn and cozy, like a rope. invisible connection between the two worlds, keeping the present of humans and superiors.

Agarwood contains the quintessence of heaven and earth, so it helps to drive away evil spirits, what is unlucky, unclean around us, what is present in the place where we live and work, helping the owner to space. be clean, receive a lot of luck in work, daily life.

For workplaces and businesses, the use of frankincense helps everything to be favorable, receiving a lot of fortune and prosperity, peace.

- For health

Is burning incense good? What effect does burning incense have is always a question many people ponder when intending to use agarwood. The fact that the amount of essential oil contained in agarwood will spread in space when we burn incense. The composition of frankincense essential oil contains many antioxidants and phytonutrients of plant origin. That's why frankincense is highly regarded by medical professionals for its great health benefits.

Sedative, good sleep: The scent of burning agarwood produces natural sedatives, helping you to improve the quality of sleep every day.
Solve allergy problems: Another great feature of frankincense or burning incense is its anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory effect. .
Skin-beautifying effects: Due to its high concentration of powerful antioxidants combined with anti-inflammatory properties, frankincense can help your skin fight acne-causing bacteria. Besides, it also contributes to brightening the skin, protecting the skin from the effects of ultraviolet rays and slowing down the aging process.
Air conditioning: Regularly burning incense will help you improve the quality of your fresh and pleasant living and working space. Eliminate toxic gases, musty odors and repel mosquitoes in humid days.

- Methods of frankincense

Depending on where you use frankincense and for what purpose, there are different ways such as:

+ In the worshiping ritual: Using a porcelain or copper urn, earthen pot, break the cup of agarwood and burn it directly, until the agarwood burns and smoke spreads, the space should be open and airy. in a closed room.

+ Use for meditation, tea ceremony, yoga: Use a small porcelain pot to burn less incense or use agarwood powder to smoke with an electric stove to make the flow of smoke less gentle and gentle.