What is Tram Huong? What is Agarwood?

Many people often mistakenly think about the term "agarwood tree" But this term is a wrong concept. Because what creates agarwood is not agarwood. So what exactly is a tree? Tram Huong Phan Gia would like to share with you some information!

Frankincense does not actually exist. Because the thing that produces the correct bass is called a dó bau. People spread this term because they thought it was originally a type of wood. And wood comes from trees. So they calmly called it agarwood tree.

The truth is what is frankincense? Agarwood is the fragrant rotten wood that forms on the trunk of the tree. During the growth process, when the tree is injured, the oil in the tree gathers to resist the infection and damage from the outside. Gradually along with a combination of fungi and bacteria. The injured wood transforms into Agarwood — the wood that contains a special essential oil.

The trees with agarwood are often fibrous and the trunks have tumors, tumours, borers, termite mounds, bombardment, broken branches or struck by lightning. According to folklore, the Perfume of Heaven flies with the wind and lands on the wound on the trunk of the tree, so that it mixes with the sap that flows from the wound, molded over time by good soil, sunshine, sea breezes and natural conditions. other special, called the Spirit of Heaven and Earth.

The effect of frankincense

Frankincense is famous for many uses. The amount of essential oil is very large and precious in it brings many health benefits. Agarwood is widely used in Eastern medicine thanks to its mild, spicy, warm properties, and is very effective in treating pain, shortness of breath, and vomiting. Besides, this is also said to bring positive spiritual effects, banish evil spirits, and bring good luck to the user. Scientists have demonstrated a new use: helping to boost the immune system from their pungent properties.

Health effects

Abundant amount of natural essential oils contained in Agarwood is very beneficial for health. The special pure and delicate scent of Agarwood helps to calm the mind, relax the mind, reduce stress. Agarwood is especially good for people who often suffer from dizziness and headaches. According to Oriental Medicine, the essences in Agarwood have significant effects in the treatment of digestive and respiratory diseases such as vomiting, shortness of breath. , asthma,…

Psychic effects

It is no coincidence that burning agarwood has become a cultural feature in life. That's because burning agarwood also has a great spiritual meaning. Agarwood is considered a mascot that absorbs the quintessence of heaven and earth, Yang Qi is very strong, has the effect of dispelling bad luck and calamities. Burning agarwood to promote its effect is to bring good luck to the owner. Many people also believe that frankincense helps to purify the bad qualities of people, remove negative energy, and help calm the mind to make everything happy.

The effect of feng shui

Feng shui jewelry gives the user beauty and high aesthetics. Besides, it also helps to attract wealth and luck to the user. That is why it is very popular in today's life.

Scientific effect

In folk experience, Vietnamese people often burn herbs to purify space and improve health. For example, people burn lemongrass to repel mosquitoes and avoid malaria. Besides, they also burn locusts to dispel cold, poisonous gas. In particular, Agarwood from ancient times has been likened by the Vietnamese to a divine medicine because of its uses for health. Not only in Vietnam, Asian countries such as China, Japan, and India also use Agarwood as a panacea to improve health.

Today, scientists have discovered valuable compounds in Agarwood such as: benzylaceton 26% metoxybenzalaceton 53% and terpen alcohol 11%, and also cinamic acid. These compounds are beneficial for the prevention and treatment of inflammatory diseases and infections. In addition, they are great for boosting health and the immune system. Burning Agarwood helps you sleep well, mentally refreshed. This is important to help you eat well, have a flexible and active mind.

The effect of frankincense in fashion

It is undeniable that the Agarwood Bracelet is more and more delicately designed. Both a feng shui bracelet and a beautiful fashion accessory to show the class of the owner. Agarwood rings are mixed with gold-plated accessories and stones with other feng shui meanings such as Pi Xiu, gourd, etc. All are included in the bracelet to add strength and enhance the beauty of the ring.