What is the effect of Agarwood bracelet?

What is the effect of Agarwood bracelet? Where do you buy it? What should be kept in mind when using the product? These are questions that many readers are interested in. The following article will answer all of the above questions to make it easier for everyone to choose the right item. And above all, will meet peace, luck and have more health and fortune to live a more peaceful, prosperous and happy life.

What is the effect of Agarwood bracelet?

Agarwood bracelet is an item made from the wood of the Do Bau tree. This is a type of wood formed from the sap of the Do Bau tree that has been damaged by physical or biological agents. Over time, this resin becomes a wood containing essential oils, very precious and fragrant. After that, it is exploited and made by professional workers into agarwood rings of high economic and feng shui value.

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Agarwood bracelet is an item made from Agarwood wood

Normally, in order to have a quality Agarwood bracelet, the maker will use long-life Agarwood - about 10 to 100 years. Because the longer the time, the more fragrant Agarwood will be and the more feng shui values ​​it will have. Moreover, the color of Agarwood bracelets is also more beautiful and eye-catching. Therefore, this item is very rare and can only be purchased at reputable feng shui stores.

How many types of Agarwood bracelets are there?

Currently, Agarwood bracelets are divided into 2 main types. Those are natural Agarwood bracelets and artificial Agarwood bracelets. These two types of bracelets are not too different in color. However, in terms of price, quality and feng shui effects will not be the same. This brings a great advantage, which is to help buyers have many choices, especially suitable for the economy of many families.

Natural Agarwood bracelet

Natural Agarwood Bracelets are made entirely from natural wood, that is, the resin in the trunk of the Do Bau tree is damaged over time to develop into wood containing pure essential oils, not affected by humans. This type of Agarwood contains a lot of essential oils, retains the scent for a long time and has many great effects, so it is classified as a high-value item, the price can be up to 100 billion.

Natural Agarwood bracelets will be divided into 4 main types. The first is a man's agarwood bracelet, the second is a deep-rooted bracelet, the third is a basswood bracelet, and finally a basswood bracelet. In particular, the male agarwood bracelet is the most advanced type due to its large essential oil content, the aroma is sweet, bitter, spicy but very gentle, giving the wearer a feeling of comfort, comfort and relaxation. thai.

Based on color and rarity, men's agarwood bracelets will be divided into 4 grades. The first is white birch, which is light gray, ivory white, difficult to find, so it is extremely rare and has a very high price. Next is the barque, possessing a green, blue-gray color, which is very rare, second only to the bar. Ranked third is fluorescence, which has a yellow-brown, dark yellow color, belonging to a rare commodity, and finally, black flag, with tar, black indigo, quite rare.

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Men's agarwood bracelet is the most expensive and rare type

Similar to the male bracelet, the agarwood bracelet (also known as the type 1 agarwood bracelet) will sink completely when dropped into the water. However, these two types differ in their perfection. In addition, agarwood bracelets are made from wood formed from tree roots, so it is very difficult to exploit. Therefore, the economic value of this ring is very high, but it is not widely sold in the market, instead, it will be exchanged and bought and sold by hand at a rapid rate.

Completely different from the above two types of Agarwood bracelets, Agarwood bracelets do not sink completely but float under water. In addition, the most special feature of this ring is that it is made from agarwood - a type of wood formed from the resin produced from the damaged Do Bau tree. This is also a rare type of agarwood bracelet, with a selling price ranging from several hundred million or more.

There are many different types of bracelets. Among them are the blue agarwood bracelet (hard and dark green), the agarwood ant needle bracelet (flat and small ridges), the agarwood bracelet (not too hard and many forms). There are also agarwood bracelets with thorns, agarwood bracelets on the wall, black agarwood bracelets, hole agarwood bracelets, white agarwood bracelets, etc.

Finally, the speed bracelet. This item is made from third grade agarwood – formed from the body of the Do Bau tree. Of all the natural agarwood bracelets, this is the most popular and most popular on the market. Because the bracelet is beautiful, the scent keeps for a long time and, above all, has a very stable price, only ranging from a few hundred to a few million, suitable for all audiences.

Artificial Agarwood bracelet

Artificial Agarwood bracelets are appearing more and more on the market to meet the needs of everyone's items. This type of bracelet is also made from the wood born from the Do Bau tree, but it is not exploited naturally but has the impact of humans, so the rarity is not high, can be purchased in many places, especially Especially the price is quite cheap - only a few hundred thousand to a few million dong.

Artificial Agarwood bracelets will be divided into 3 types. The first is a matching agarwood bracelet. This type of bracelet is made from the implant of the bark of the Do Bau tree with a thin layer of essential oils, carrying a light fragrance. Including 3 small types, a bass bracelet that is submerged in water, a bracelet that is submerged in water and finally a bracelet that is connected to float on the water.

Next is the oil-pressing agarwood bracelet. This type of bracelet is made by using the unformed Do Bau tree to form Agarwood, then pressed under high pressure to get Agarwood essential oil. Finished items will have the typical aroma of Agarwood, but the color is quite dark and the wood grain is not visible. Includes 3 small types, which are floating on water, submersible and fully submerged.

Finally, the deep bracelet Do Bau. This type of bracelet is very popular right now. It is made from the wood of the Do Bau tree planted with agarwood. That is, grow Do Bau trees for at least 10 years, then proceed to transplant agarwood from the core of the trunk or from the bark in the form of applying a special solution to the punctured, drilled, ... on the tree. Then wait about 5 years to form agarwood to be processed into items.

What is the effect of Tram Huong bracelet?

If you are wondering what is the effect of Tram Huong bracelet? then the answer is that the item has a lot of great effects. The most prominent of which are the effect on health, the effect on fortune - luck and the effect on fashion. As follows:

- Health effects

Agarwood bracelet has very good effects on health. When wearing this type of bracelet on your body, you will feel extremely comfortable and relaxed, repelling stress and tension in work and life. Moreover, the item also helps you to improve some diseases of the stomach, heart, kidneys and nerves. It also relieves headaches or effectively reduces pain for people with serious diseases, such as cancer.

Not only that, the natural Agarwood Bracelet also contains a lot of essential oils with a gentle and pleasant fragrance. When worn on the body, the item will help your mind become sharp, intelligent and lucid. Especially less negative thoughts appear. From there, there is a spirit of excitement, love of life and more joy. Contributing to a foundation of good health, less disease or problems related to physical and mental health.


- The effect of fortune and luck

Agarwood bracelet also has a very good effect on fortune and luck. Items when worn correctly will help your work or business become more convenient, less difficult and challenging, and soon achieve the expected results. Contributing to help your life become fuller, richer and more prosperous. Especially to help you soon have a firm foothold in society or the marketplace.

Besides, Agarwood Bracelet also protects you from all attacks of evil spirits or bad auras, especially when being harmed by petty people. In addition, the item also helps the career path open and develop continuously. In the work, constantly giving appropriate strategies and plans, bringing high performance and "huge" profits for yourself, your family or your company or business.


- Effect on fashion

Agarwood bracelet is delicately crafted, luxurious and beautiful, so it is often used as a high-class jewelry. The item can be combined with a variety of outfits, from simple to sophisticated, from basic jeans, t-shirts to dresses and skirts. Emphasize the value of the wearer, and at the same time make your overall fashion more unique, interesting and highlight.

The current Agarwood bracelets, in addition to the traditional design, are also created by combining with feng shui stones in the shape of a fox, mascot Pi Xiu, Tibetan amulet, lucky four-leaf clover in silver or gold, only red…. Offering a variety of choices for everyone. Depending on your economic conditions, interests, destiny, desires, etc., you will easily choose a suitable bracelet design.


Some notes when using Agarwood bracelets

In order for the Agarwood bracelet to promote its full effect as well as avoid committing taboos and bad luck, when using the item, you need to note a few things:

Choose the right ring type

Currently, Agarwood bracelets have many types with different numbers of beads. If you are someone who likes simplicity, lightness and simplicity, you should choose a 17-grain agarwood ring. If you want to wear it in 2 bracelets or combine it with a charm, you can choose a 54-grain agarwood ring. If you are a meditator and want to wear it to pray for peace, the most perfect choice is a 108-grain agarwood ring.

Wear the ring in the right place

Agarwood bracelet should be worn on the right hand if you want to exorcise evil spirits and banish bad luck to avoid disasters and protect yourself at peace. This way of wearing will be suitable when going to places with a lot of negative energy such as deep forests, old hospitals, etc. Or people who often go to places related to death such as accident scenes. In addition, it is also suitable when you go to meet drug addicts, thieves, prisoners, etc. Or go to crowded places such as amusement parks.

Agarwood bracelets should be worn on the right hand when participating in important meetings such as signing contracts, discussing business, etc. Or wearing them in happy, joyful, peaceful and successful ceremonies. for example, the groundbreaking ceremony, the opening ceremony, the birthday ceremony, etc. In addition, you can also wear the item in this way when going to the temple to pray for peace or when visiting your superiors, seniors or elders to Be loved, help more in work.

Some other notes

In addition to the two especially important notes above, when using Agarwood Bracelets, you need to pay more attention to the following:

- First: Pregnant women should not wear Agarwood bracelets. Because the item is hot, it is not good for the health and spirit of the pregnant mother.

- Second: When experiencing stress or stress in work and life, you can put agarwood bracelets on the palms of your hands, then gently rub them. The characteristic aroma from the product will help you calm your mind, become more comfortable, pleasant and relaxed.

- Third: Avoid letting Agarwood bracelets come into direct contact with water or absorb water. It is best to remove the item when going to rain or washing hands.

- Fourth: You can wear 1 or 2 Agarwood bracelets on the same hand. This depends on preference, does not affect the feng shui effect.

- Fifth: Keep Agarwood bracelets clean. It is recommended to wipe or clean with a dry cloth from time to time so that the item does not collect dirt, damage and can be used for a long time.

Where to buy Agarwood bracelet?

If you want to buy quality natural or artificial Agarwood bracelets, you should go to reputable and long-standing feng shui stores for many beautiful designs and reasonable prices. Tuyet does not buy items at small stores with no clear origin because it is easy to buy fake and poor quality agarwood rings at a "high" price but has no feng shui effect.