What is indonesian frankincense? Is it good?

Experiencing many historical anecdotes, going through many different ups and downs, but the value of Agarwood has not decreased. Day by day, the value of Agarwood is increasing. On the market today, there are countless types of frankincense originating from all over the world with many uses for users. Indonesian Agarwood is a sought-after, sought-after high-end agarwood for purchase.

What is Indonesian Agarwood? How much does Agarwood and Agarwood Indonesia ring cost? Read the article below to learn more about the type of Indo, avoid buying low-quality products that are too expensive.

1. What is indonesian frankincense?

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Indonesian Agarwood is made from wood fibers


Agarwood agarwood formed and developed mainly in countries in Asia: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia... Indonesian agarwood usually has a low age of 10-14 years for Agarwood, and over 40 years for Submergence. Indonesian Agarwood is one of the types of Agarwood that is worth considering for its price and quality. Everything that Tram Indonesia brings will surprise you. And don't miss a second without owning this wonderful, valuable and delicate bracelet.

The quality of Agarwood depends a lot on the soil as well as the variety that forms Agarwood, so the price of indo agarwood is also differentiated by region. In which the Kalimantan and Brunei Agarwood formed in the island of Borneo have very good quality. In all aspects, indo agarwood is very good because of its quality as well as its price. Like Vietnamese agarwood, indo agarwood is a composition of more than 150 complex compounds found in agarwood oil.

Indonesian Agarwood is one of the most used types of Agarwood. Agarwood Indo is famous for its price and quality. Like agarwood, Indo bass also has characteristics used to identify.

The color of Indonesian bass

The highlight of the Agarwood bracelet made from indo wood is the wood grain. The wood grain (grain) of indo bass will be harder and tighter. Feels more solid and shiny. To get the weight and oil like Indonesian Agarwood, natural agarwood will be extremely expensive, because it is quiet and heavy.

The scent of Indonesian frankincense

Indonesian Agarwood has a mild fragrance, although it is not as deep and sweet as Vietnamese goods, but it is still very attractive. Indonesian Agarwood helps our spirit to feel comfortable and refreshed. Its scent seems to bring new energy full of luck to the wearer. The design of the round ball, or the bamboo burning form, helps to rub against the wearer's skin to create a smooth and soft feeling, helping the body always give off a slight fragrance.

2. The effect of indonesian frankincense

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Indonesian Agarwood always has a gentle scent

Good in terms of feng shui:

Indonesian Agarwood is designed in the form of round balls or burning bamboo to help friction with the user's hand to create a smooth and soft feeling, making the body always give off a gentle fragrance. Agarwood always carries a gentle scent, feels pleasant, refreshing, has a sense of security, dispels frustration, fatigue, removes miasma as if to bring new energy full of luck to people. wear.

Good for health and spirit:

The scent from Indonesian Agarwood has the effect of relieving stress and fatigue due to pressure at work or in life. In addition, helping the spirit to relax, the mind to be clear, helping the owner to achieve high quality at work. Wearing agarwood bracelet helps the body regulate blood pressure, block the wind (prevent toxic gases from entering the body).

Spiritual meaning:

Indonesian Agarwood is like an amulet, neutralizes bad omens around, always reminds us of compassion, curbs anger and anger, brings freshness to the owner by sophistication and time. page in design, extremely luxurious and exudes nobility.

3. Price of agarwood indo

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Agarwood grade 1 ranges from 20,000 USD - 50,000 USD

Overall, Indonesian Agarwood is cheaper than Vietnamese Agarwood.

Grade 1 Indonesian Agarwood has a price ranging from 20,000 USD to more than 50,000 USD for 1 kg of submerged agarwood.

The remaining types of Indonesian Agarwood are priced at less than 20,000 USD/kg.

Indonesian Agarwood essential oil depends a lot on raw materials for distillation, so the price of the product ranges from 15,000 USD / 1L.

4. Price of agarwood ring indonesia

Ring of Agarwood Indonesia has no fixed price. The price of Indonesian agarwood bracelet depends on the fragrance of the oil contained in the wood ring, the amount of agarwood oil contained in the wood and the design and size of the bracelet. The larger the size of the Agarwood ring, the higher the value because large blocks of agarwood are often rare. The larger the volume of the Agarwood ring, the more proportional the volume is, both of which have a high cost.

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Indonesian agarwood bracelet absorbs the spirit of heaven and earth and emits fragrance

Agarwood rings with round beads and burning bamboo will have a higher price than rough, rough, angular rings because to process them into round, beautiful balls, they must be cut, sharpened and consumed. large amount of bass.

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Indonesian Agarwood Ring is an item made from Agarwood blocks in the land of thousands of islands. Currently, they are very popular because of the beauty of its design as well as its great uses. If you are struggling to know how to make yourself more confident and attractive, the Indonesian Agarwood ring is one of the options worth your attention.