Agarwood incense is extremely good for feng shui

Steaming agarwood is a custom quite familiar to Vietnamese culture since ancient times. Not only a beautiful interference between feng shui and spirituality, the custom of incense burning also brings relaxation, reduces stress, and cures many diseases. It is for that reason that the burning of incense at the end of the year is very important to say goodbye to the old year and start the new year with good luck.

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1. The effect of frankincense

- The effect of incense in feng shui and spirituality: In religious and worship rituals: incense helps to create a sacred and respectful atmosphere, providing a connecting space between heaven and earth and visible people. and invisible force. Incense smoke creates a feeling of calm and peace, helping people to be more calm in meditation.
Repel negative gas, impurities. Removes unclean smell, dispels evil spirits, bad luck. Purify the living space, remove the existing odors, keep the gentle fragrance in the surrounding space.
Partially effective in repelling mosquitoes and insects effectively. Helps create fragrance for enclosed spaces, especially for workplaces, meditation...

- The effect of incense incense in healing:

+ Sedative: Agarwood has a mild fragrance, especially when burned, it will give an aroma that cannot be mixed with another type of fragrance. Helps us relax, dispel fatigue, depression, reduce stress and fatigue, sleep better when smelling incense.
+ Pain relief: Agarwood is good for people with headaches, chest pain, abdominal pain.
Digestive benefits: Frankincense helps lower phlegm, treat diarrhea, and fight vomiting.
Good for the heart: Oriental medicine believes that agarwood helps the heart, strengthens the heart.
Good for the kidneys: Agarwood nourishes the yang, warms the kidneys, is very good for people with kidney failure, urinary retention, cold semen in men.

2. What occasions should I use frankincense?

- When you go to a new home: You don't want your new house to have a musty smell or fear that your house will be cold and bring evil spirits, etc. Steaming Agarwood with porcelain and Agarwood incense is known as the god of wood bringing spiritual energy to help. Exorcism and purification bring a warm atmosphere to the home space. Besides, steaming the new house with agarwood with the hope that the house will become cozy, the family members will be in harmony with the new land and land.

- Worshiping space: Ancestor worship is an ancient belief of the Vietnamese people to remember the ancestors who gave birth to them. Therefore, placing the porcelain urn and Agarwood incense on the altar will show respect and keep the space warm and sacred in the place of worship.

- At the beginning of the new year, store opening: Attracting fortune, luck, harmonizing yin and yang elements to create a fresh space. Steaming bass on this occasion also wishes to have a favorable, smooth start, develop fortune, prosperity, and peace of mind.

- At the end of the year, anniversaries and Tet: Burning incense sticks on Tet holiday, showing the respect and gratitude of descendants to their ancestors, can drive away bad luck and bad luck in the old year to welcome new ones. something new with the desire for a new year of luck and fortune.

3. Meaningful gifts on Tet holiday

Incense incense when steaming indoors will create a pleasant atmosphere. The scent makes us feel calm and peaceful. Gathering together to smell a little incense, tell each other the things of the old year, ignore the worries and worries to be able to happily and happily welcome a new year full of challenges and joy. This is the feeling that every Tet season, we all feel. It is the indispensable pure Vietnamese spirit of every Vietnamese person.

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Steaming incense on Tet holiday is not only a way to cultivate peace of mind, dispel bad things in the old year to welcome the new year. But they are also an invisible bond between the next generation and the previous generation, erasing a part of the generation gap. That's the meaning, so why don't you book it right away for your family.